Soul Valley Tribe Brand Story


Picture shows Courtney, owner of Soul Valley Tribe smiling whilst being seated on a white chair wearing a Queen of Hearts T-shirt and Ace necklace

Hi there, I'm Courtney and I’m the owner of Soul Valley Tribe Clothing Co. 

My journey with Soul Valley Tribe began as a dream, a vision to bring something unique to the world of fashion. It all started back in high school, captivated by street style and pop-punk music I had a burning ambition to create eye-catching t-shirt designs that not only stood out but were also practical and comfortable.
However, my path to establishing my own fashion label took a few twists and turns. First working in consumer electronics retail management, then hospitality and then fashion accessories retail management. During that time, I always prided myself on delivering exceptional customer service and building a loyal customer base. 

Despite my achievements in retail, I never lost sight of my dream. I continued nurturing my passion for art and design, often taking on creative projects for friends and family. It was during this time that I discovered my knack for graphic design and love of creative arts.

In 2020, I was presented with the unexpected gift of time due to lockdown restrictions and subsequently losing my job. I decided to use this as an opportunity to dedicate to launching my own clothing label. In those initial months, I immersed myself in research, exploring the realms of streetwear apparel and jewellery, seeking to create designs that would perfectly align with the brand's essence.  

The vision was to create more than just clothing—it was about crafting pieces that would resonate with individuals, empowering them to stand tall amidst the chaos. With determination and a heart full of positivity, Soul Valley Tribe was born.  

Its mission: to inject rays of positivity into lives inundated by negativity. 

Throughout my journey, my motivation, dedication to exceptional customer relations, and unwavering commitment to excellence in my craft have become the driving forces behind Soul Valley Tribe Clothing Co. My unique blend of experiences, spanning retail, hospitality, and the creative realms, have positioned me perfectly to create a brand that embodies positivity, empowerment, and style. From its inception, I have been committed to honing my creative skills and learning the intricacies of not only designing but also manufacturing clothing myself. The hands-on approach extends to jewellery, with unique pieces crafted by hand, each a testament to the brand's dedication to artistry and individuality. 

My commitment to mental health advocacy has been a focus from the very beginning of Soul Valley Tribe. Our dedication remains unwavering as we partner with like-minded businesses, conducting auctions and competitions to support mental health charities and continue to spread awareness of mental health throughout the community. 

We also engaged in community outreach by assisting with organisation of donations of warm clothing and blankets to assist the homeless in Western Sydney during the Winter Appeal.

We’ve worked closely with local sporting clubs to create not only affordable, but unique and fashionable uniforms and worked with many other local businesses providing company merchandise to help promote their businesses. 

Throughout our journey, we've not only strengthened our community ties but also fostered deeper relationships. This year, in 2023, we celebrate three years of amazing accomplishments one being nominated and selected as a Finalist for the Local Business Awards. Without the support of the local community this would not have been possible.

For Soul Valley Tribe, the journey was never simply just about clothing—it is about embracing creativity, fostering connections, and making dreams a reality. By supporting Soul Valley Tribe, you not only get to enjoy one-of-a-kind, stylish, and comfortable clothing, unique accessories to elevate and uplift any outfit for any occasion but you also contribute to the success of a small Australian  business.  

My passion for my craft and my unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer experiences continue to propel the brand forward, offering a beacon of positivity in a world that I feel sometimes still needs it the most. 

As the founder, I am deeply passionate about Soul Valley Tribe and its mission. I believe that my dedication and vision have been an integral part in my brand's success so far and its positive impact on the local community.

Today, Soul Valley Tribe isn't just a clothing and accessories brand; it's a testament to my resilience, creativity, and dedication.
All our signature t-shirts, fashion accessories, and personalised designs reflect my vision of spreading positive vibes and empowering individuals to be their best selves.

Sending Positive Vibes, I hope you have an amazing day! 

Courtney xx