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Silver Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant Necklace

Silver Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant Necklace

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Care Guide

Jewellery Care Guide & How to Use Diffuser Jewellery

A beautiful way to enjoy the essential oils all day long is by wearing one of our gorgeous aromatherapy diffuser silver pendant necklaces.

This pendant was created to allow the benefit of essential oils all day long whilst also wearing a beautiful pendant. The unique design allows for the essential oil to slowly and effectively diffuse throughout the day for you to enjoy.

Our locket and chain are made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel which means they are hypoallergenic, they can withstand being in contact with your essential oils and won't tarnish with everyday use. Plus they look amazing and come with 8 different coloured diffusing pads to suit any outfit!

The locket pendant can be hung on two different styles of chains which are included with purchase. The beautiful pendant measures 30mm and comes in a Lotus Flower or Yin & Yang design.

TO USE: Simply pop open your pendant locket at the side clasp, place your chosen coloured diffuser pad in the base and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the pad. Close the locket up and place the necklace on. Once the essential has diffused and you cannot smell it anymore, open the locket and add a few more drops.

To change the essential oil fragrance, each pad can be washed in mild soapy warm water and once dried used time and time again. 

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