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Lava Stone Adjustable Beaded Bracelets

Lava Stone Adjustable Beaded Bracelets

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Beautiful handmade adjustable lava stone bracelets, which can be used with essential oils by dropping the essential oil onto the lava stone which then gives off the essence of the essential oil.

These gorgeous bracelets are made from 8mm lava beads and hand threaded onto coated black twine. The bracelet is then completed with a barrel knot to create the adjustable band, making it suitable to to fit just about any wrist size.

Lava stone beads are complemented with: 

  • Blue Turquoise - balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilises mood swings and instils inner calm in the wearer. It is said to be excellent for depression and exhaustion.

  • Tiger Eye - a stone of protection, promotes mental clarity and may also bring good luck to the wearer. 

  • White Howlite -A calming stone that is said to strengthen memory and stimulate desire for knowledge. It is said to teach patience and help to eliminate rage, pain and stress

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