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Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses

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Why Choose Bamboo?

There are numerous benefits in owning a pair of bamboo sunglasses, they are eco-friendly, lightweight, and fashionable for both men and women. Not only are they a great choice for those reasons alone, you will find they are more durable and hard wearing than regular plastic or metal frame glasses.

Unique & Individual Texture - Bamboo wood is easily recognisable by its light brown colouring and fine wood grain texture. Every piece of material cut from the tree has its own distinct features. The grain in each and every bamboo stalk has its own distinguishing features and special characteristics. These distinctive wood grain patterns mean that each pair of glasses are exclusive and unique in their design.

Hand Crafted Design - Each pair of our Bamboo sunglasses is handmade with the greatest care towards the unique patterning of the bamboo material which makes them in quality and construction when compared with standard acrylic or metal framed glasses.

UV Protection & Polarised Lenses - High quality polarised lenses with UV protection are fitted to perfection within the frames, not only will they protect your eyes, these beauties will help to reduce the glare and give you super clear vision even on the brightest of days.

Fashionable - So now you can head out with your head held high looking stylish, feeling comfortable and embracing all the sun's warming and positive rays.

The SVT Bamboo Sunglasses are available in four amazing colours, which one will you choose?

  • Fire Power (Red)
  • Strawberry Sweetie (Pink)
  • Jungle Rumble (Green)
  • Teddy Bear (Brown) *Back in Stock Dec 2023*
  • Chilly Bin (Blue)  *Back in Stock Dec 2023*


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