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Camouflage Print SVT Clothing Co. Logo Trucker Cap

Camouflage Print SVT Clothing Co. Logo Trucker Cap

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Upgrade your cap game today and let the world know that you're a part of the SVT Clothing Co. family.

The ultimate head-turner: our premium, top-notch snap back trucker cap! A camouflage print, seamlessly connected to sleek black mesh and beautifully adorned with the embroidered logo of the one and only SVT Clothing Co. on the front.

Our cap features double row plastic snap connectors, guaranteeing a snug and flawless fit every time. No more fussing around with ill-fitting caps that leave you feeling less than fabulous. We've got you covered, quite literally!

Now, let's talk about comfort. Say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable moments because we've designed this cap with an internal sweat band that will keep your head feeling refreshingly cool. No more annoying sweat drips crashing your party or dampening your mood. We've got your back (and your head) covered, my friend!

We've got a wide range of options to cater to your personal style - our classic black cap with black logo stitching for that sleek and sophisticated look. Feeling bold? Opt for the black cap with white logo stitching to make a striking statement or our camouflage print caps with white or black logos will have you blending in with style.

Find the other cap options here. 

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